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The Music


Behind the Mask Danny Gold & Co.

The album kicks off with the rowdy, rude, crude “I Don't Care What You Say,” a song about a defiant and exasperated man confessing his disdain for the woman who hurt him and how he has discovered how she wronged him. There is a relatively clean version, dirty and nasty versions, as well as an instrumental.

Then there is the fun but naughty, hookish throwback to the days of popular R&B bands with “Good Girls Do Bad Things” (But bad girls do good things to you). It's funky and jazzy. This leads into “Give Up the Cash,” the story of a desperate man in need of funds to pay off a pile of bills as he ponders and plots to rob a bank and the outcome.

This is followed by two ballads, “What You Gonna Do About Him,” a song about a man who wants to know what his new lover plans to do about the choice between him and her old boyfriend. “Tell Me Again” is a sing about a man wanting to hear those words again which make him feel good and secure in the relationship.

A couple of other smooth tracks with limited vocals but lots of hook are “He's Cool” and “Blame It On Him” plus instrumentals to most of the songs. Each track also features the exquisite guitar of the much traveled and experienced A.B.A. Taft.

It's an interesting and fun collection of songs and a variety of styles mixed together in a cohesive collection with a bridge from the past to the present and into the future displaying the versatility and faces of the man Behind the Mask, Danny Gold.

On TSOV Records a subsidiary of Stone Gold Records.

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The Story


Then and Now
The Story Behind the Mask

Emerging from the rough and tumble streets of Newport News in a section they called “The Bottom,” Daniel Goldstone forged a path towards his dreams of being in the music business like some of the stars he met in his youth—people like Charlie McClendon, The Five Keys, “Baby” Lloyd Stallworth of James Brown’s Fabulous Flames, The Avalons, The Chateaus, and The Leaders. Then there were his friends and associates like Little Joe & the Every Day People, the Poindexter brothers and The Persuaders, Al Johnson and The Unifics, and a guitar playing wizard and friend, David Williams.

Goldstone would sing on the corner of 25th Street and Jefferson Avenue (Two-Five & J) like the rest of the top singers of the area in that era, learning to blend and harmonize and carve out their own unique styles, but he had plans to form his own groups who would sing songs he wrote and produced himself. Starting as a drummer and then moving to the vocals, first Goldstone was with a group called The Collegians, and then he formed The Deceptions who recorded records and toured the country. Later he did the same with a group known as Royalty before forming the group Peace, Justice and Equality before he went with Danny Gold & Co.

As time went on, Daniel Goldstone opened record stores and worked as an independent record promoter for many of the major and independent labels in the country, where he found himself with some of the biggest names, legends, and pioneers in the business (such as Joe Medlin & Leroy Little, Sr.), including the artists behind some of the music he grew up listening to and the creators behind some of the biggest acts in the country.

It was during this time that Goldstone went solo for awhile as Danny Gold. He later teamed up with one of his former guitarist and music director, A.B.A. Taft, and recorded under the name of Danny Gold & Co. featuring A.B.A. Taft, as well as a release under the name Capitol Nation.

But whether it was then as The Collegians; The Deceptions; Peace, Justice & Equality; or Danny Gold & Co.; or now as Danny Gold; Capitol Nation; or Danny Gold & Co. featuring A.B.A. Taft, it has all been Daniel Goldstone Behind the Mask.

Award Winning


Daniel "Danny Gold" Goldstone has been an award winning artist and producer earning the prestigious VMSoul Certified Legend Award among many others.
VMSoul Certified Legend

Other awards include:
WRAP Radio Awards (Best Group) (Song of the Year)
Frank Guida Award for Best label
Gold Record in Japan for "Of All the Hearts"



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